Key Resources [Paola Pierpaoli] Channelling, Tarot Cars and software plus spiritual astrology. [Rome, Italy]

Kofutu Personal Growth, Meditation & Spiritual Healing [Lonn Lilledahl] A spiritual healing system using symbols that allow individuals to access their inner resources to accelerate growth, discovery & healing. [Minnetonka, MN]

Accurate Soulmate Spiritual Readings Accurate Soulmate Spiritual Readings Soulmate Readings, A combination of the use of Tarot & Crystal to unveil & reveal the spiritual connection of relationships. [Cleveland, OH, USA]

Hocus Pocus [Emma Darcy] is a well established and exciting metaphysical shop, set in the heart of Brighton's North Laine [Brighton, Sussex, England].

Spiritart, shamanistic art [Maureen] Spiritual & Shamanistic Art made for you: Dreamcatchers, Chakra Jewelry, Astrological Powershields, Women Power Statues, Paintings. [Tilburg, Netherlands]

Simply Sacred logoSimply Sacred [Barbara Mare] Communications, services & products ... that show the signs of the emerging consciousness of the Will to Good. With Shamballa School.[Palmerston North, New Zealand]

Angel Valley Institute & Spiritual Retreat Center 70-acre retreat center nestled in the vortexes of Sedona, Arizona, available for individuals or groups who seek personal transformation. [Sedona, AZ, USA]

Ask Alana [Sandy Breckenridge] Helping you learn to trust your Heart, attract your soul mate, discover your life purpose, and much more... [Koloa, HI]

Rudraksha [Suresh Basnet] Rudraksha, known scientifically Elaeocarpus Ganitrus Roxb, is endowed with religious, medicinal & spiritual properties, originating from the tear drops of Lord Shiva. [Kathmandu, Nepal]

Past Life Readings [Aaliyah Smith] works with people interested in Reincarnation, and who want to look at their past to gain insight into their present experiences. [Niland, CA, USA]

Numerology 4 You [Keith Abbott] Secret Knowledge thru Numerology; numerology Readings of over 600 celebrities. [Dallas, TX, USA]

Astrology Life and You Astrology Life and You [Robert Price] Alternate theory behind our existence that provides a credible alternative to questions about life and death. [Dromara, Northern Ireland]

Psychic Fairy [Anna Gibson] Fast growing metaphysical resource giving full, interesting & witty reviews of psychic, mystic and holistic books, magazines & websites. [London, UK]

Astrology and magick [Miodrag Nikocevic] Astrology, magick, horoscopes & divination - tarot, runes, numerology, I ching, dice, dominoes, coffee, dreams, feng shui, healing. [Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro]

Gestalt Facilitator - [Kenan Branam] writes articles about Gestalt theory and facilitative experience.

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